Axis 500-1 Portable Blind Stitch Hemming Machines Alterations Hem Pants – Dressmaker Sewing Machine Desk Blindstitch Hemmer Pedal Professional


  • Portable blindstitch sewing machine with 1:1 to 2:1 true skip-stitch function
  • Blindstitch machine Adjustable stitch penetration for various types of fabric 1200rpm maximum speed, Blind stitch pedal Variable-speed foot controller 110V ; includes array of accessories for getting started
  • Blindstitch hemmer Adjustable thread tension; swing-away plate for sewing flat pieces
  • Hemming sewing machine Used for wools , cottons, light to medium woven fabrics Amazing Skirt Hems Pants Cuffs Great for Sleeves
  • We can provide sewing machine spare parts for after sale service cost to cost, online customer support

Manufacturing Machines For Sale Product Description

AXIS 500-1 Portable blind stich machine this is the perfect blind stitch machine for home or small business use. Manufactured with only the best quality components this product is made of cast iron to ensure industrial-strength productivity and has a lightweight 110-volt motor for portability. Blind hemming is ideal for skirt hems, pants cuffs, neckbands, sleeves and knitted materials. “1200 stitches per minute 7mm presser foot lift 110-volt motor knee lift skip stitch setting curved needle tension dial”.

ALL PURPOSE, PORTABLE, SINGLE THREAD, CHAINSTITCH, BLINDSTITCH MACHINE Plus … Stitch penetration and stitch length adjustment dials give you big-machine features in a light-weight, compact and fully portable unit. Swing-down Cylinder Arm Metal swing plate Adjustable Thread Tension With Skip and Non-Skip Stitch lever 1 to 1 Non-Skip stitch and 2 to 1 Skip stitch


Please pay attention

It is professional sewing machine, if you have no experience of sewing machines previously,

We suggest you do not buy it, the problem will be from your operation not machine itself.

You can return it in 30 days when place an order, and there should be original safety package, we will refuse to return it if behind time