COSTWAY Portable Serger Sewing Machine 2 Needle 4 Thread Capability Serger Overlock With Differential Feed


  • Costway serger overlock machine intended for household use will provide you with excellent performance in sewing from light to heavy material (lawn to denim). It is most suit for shirring sleeves, yokes, front and back bodices, skirt hems, etc. In stretch fabrics such as knits and jersey before assembling into garment.
  • Costway serger overlock machine is capable of producing various types of stitches according to the combination of needle positions, threading methods, tension adjustment and the use of convertible right looper/spreader. Differential feed prevents wavy seams in knitted fabrics and movement between the layers of fabric. It also ensures pucker-free seams on light weight fabrics.
  • Easy to thread, easy to learn and use; with printed manual, 2-3-4 stitch capability-provides more stitch variety.
  • Comes complete with serger overlock machine, foot controller, soft cover, needles, accessories and more. Uses standard sewing machine needles.
  • Please note: Keep foot controller and needles away from children’s reach.Don’t tough the machine with wet hand, wet cloth or with anything wet.

Best Self Threading Serger – Product Description

This is our brand new Costway Portable Serger Sewing Machine. Stitch options include 2 Needles and convertible 4 thread.This machine intended for household use will provide you with excellent performance in sewing from light to heavy material (lawn to denim).Please refer to this booklet proper use and optimum service. To get the most out of your sewing machine, ready the entire operator’s guide before attempting to operate the machine. This will be a sewing machine you will enjoy for years to come.
Versatile stitch options color-coded lay-in threading, and the lower looper threading system is designed to make sure the thread stays right in place.
2 Needles and convertible 3 or 4 thread, Adjustable stitch width (3.5 to 5.0 mm) and stitch length (up to 4.0 mm)
Differential fabric feed for better stitch quality
Adjustable stitches length, width and thread tension
Automatic bobbin winding
Removable storage compartment, a variety of complimentary accessories
Portable folding handler, light weight, easy for carrying and storage
Material: PP + Aluminum
Dimension (L x W x H): 10.63″ x 10.24″ x 10.24″
Weight: 17 lbs
Adjustable Stitch Width: 3.5-5.0mm
Overedge width:
right needle (Green): 3.5mm;left needle (Blue): 5.0mm
Rated power: 90w
Machine speed: max 1,200rpm
110 volt machine designed for United States use only
Package includes: 1x serger sewing machine, 1x foot controller, 1x machine dust cover, 1x accessories(1 needle set, 1 screw driver (large size), 1 screw driver (small size), 1 tweezers, 1 brush, 1 knife(stationary), 1 oiler, 1 thread unwinger spool cap, 1 seam ugide plate), 1 x instructional manual
Be sure to turn off the power switch when removing or replacing the spreader.
Use sewing machine oil.Don’t use any other oil or damage could result.