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Amro Brother Industrial Sewing Machine Product Description

The MI1 WS-C1501 is suitable for all commercial embroidery on flats, caps, denim, finished garments and more. Compact in size, the machine is perfect for home businesses, startups and expanding businesses. Our company is located in Corona, California; We are US based and operated. Features: Compact Size with Full size embroidery capability for flats, caps and 3D Puff ​High Speed embroidery process at 1200 SPM (Stitches Per Minute) ​15 Needle single head with 15 color spool placement 10 inch Touch LCD Panel with USB interface Lettering capability directly from the onboard computer Laser-guided accurate embroidery Includes hoops and cap driver Safety sensor Onboard LED lighting strip Ethernet Connectivity for your PC Full tension adjustment for minimal thread breaks Comes with the heavy duty machine stand Great for a home business or commercial space Comes with: 2 Tubular hoops Size 90 mm (70 mm Embroidery area, great for small lettering and logos, initials on towels monograms) 2 Tubular hoops Size 120 mm (100 mm Embroidery area, ideal for name on left chest or sleeve) 2 Tubular hoops Size 150 mm (130 mm Embroidery area. Ideal for left chest larger logos) 2 Tubular hoops Size 190 mm (170 mm Embroidery area. Ideal for back or front embroidery) 2 Tubular hoops Size 300 X 300 mm (280 mm = 11.5 in embroidery area. Ideal for front and back large size embroidery) 1 Flat hoop Size 510 X 360 mm Support table for single sided embroidery like sheets, blankets, towels, quilts and large size embroidery Cap Driver Cap Station (Gage) Cap Hoop Heavy Duty Machine Stand Tool Kit Warranty: 5 Years. Read more on or Questions? Call (800) 557-1491